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ELAF Was established in 2020, and it is an integrated engineering services company
that provides structural and architectural design services, and also includes a special
section for electrical and mechanical, We handle various industrial, distribution,
manufacturing, office, retail, recreational, healthcare and commercial projects in Egypt
and the Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia – Kuwait-Oman- Oatar… etc.)
ELAF Company is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our
customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction
process. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding
their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every
member of the ELAF team.
Over +350 projects already done, many have received regional and international awards
and citations.
The ELAF’s headquarter is located in Tanta – Egypt

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.Architecture Design: Complete Architecture design services starting from, Concept deigh up to final IFC

Package with perfect 3D Modeling and Animation.

BIM Solutions: Complete BIM services from LOD 100 up to LOD 500 with all Details and

Blowup details, 4D, SD, 6D, 7D – We using CAD, Revit, Navisworks, Archicad, Tekla, et.

. Urban Planning: Site Master Plan and Site Development with lail landscaping details and site leveling,

detailed 3D modeling with Site Surveying support. We using civil 3D, Navisworks, AutoCAD, etc.

• Structure Design: Complete Design services including Modeling, load analysis, superstructure

simulation with updated reporting and Construction details and Steel Shop drawings- We using

Sap2000, Etabs, Proken, etc.

• Interiors: Interior design and layout for kitchens, apartments, offce buildings, etc.

•Electrical & Mechanical Design (MEP): Complete MEP Design and Shop drawings services with

3D model for Clash detection report and Load reporting.

Project Managemernt/ Supervision: We were able to be presentin many places and succeeded in more

than +350 projects even though we are a newly esta blished gompany and this proves the eficiency of

Our engineering team and this is reflected in the comectmanagement and provding all the success

factors for all the empioyees of the partnership.

– Engineering Production Support: We providing for our clients / Partners full Engineering services such

as Shop drawings, QS, Contracting reviewing, IFB. IFC Package etc.

In conclusion, it can be proudly stated that ELAF has achieved its objectives. Our past performances

have placed us as one of the most outstanding professional Engineering Services organizations in the

Middle East with notable achievements in design and Engineering. Yet we are cons tantly strnving to

mprove our service, out quality, and our artistic accomplishments in order to acdvance beyond the

current market and offer our clients the highest possible standard of professional service.

Overall, we aim to be specific and to produce buildings which are highly tai lored, particular and
buildable. We choose materials and construction methods carefully and place a great deal of
importance on how the buildings are crafted, and how connections are made to existing buildings and
The materials and construction carry meaning in social, spatial, sculptural, emotion-al and aesthetic
terms as well as being the primary practical concern in terms of building life cycde cost, embodied
energy and budget.
ELAF is a practice based in Tanta.
We workon projects throughout urban reglonalläne emote areas of EGYPT
We work as a critical practice combing building projects research and teaching.
Our practice has a broad range of projett experienceproducing architecture at different scales for
domestic, and comnmercial.
ELAF has proven that as a practice we are consistently capable of delivering high quality design on time
and on budget
We have a strong network of like-minded donsultants. builders and suppliers.


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